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Mettez en place une machine à prise de rdv par téléphone 🚀 

Unlock direct access to 100K+ global investors (VC, BA, etc.) and secure 2-10 meetings per week to accelerate your fundraising journey 🚀

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Get connected with your


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Whether you're raising $20K or $5M,

find your ideal match and connect quickly with investors handpicked for your venture, ensuring a seamless alignment with your company mission, vision & ambition.

How it works:

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We review your pitch deck, extract key metrics and insights that resonate with investors. This ensures we present your company in the best possible way yet with a short, personalized and impactful message.


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We craft a tailor-made investor database, leveraging access to over 100K+ global investors, including business angels, VCs, and more, tailored to meet your startup's specific funding goals.


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Using our deep understanding of investor preferences, we craft bespoke narratives suitable for Mail, LinkedIn, and direct calls. This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach; it's personalized investor outreach!


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What you can expect?

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4 to 12 interested

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2 to 10 interested

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4 to 15 interested

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10 to 37

Interested Investors

per Month

Foster genuine and warm connections with top investors :

Effortlessly connect with top investors with our methodology, blending automation with a personal touch.


By leveraging LinkedIn, email, and calls, we make it easy to expand your network. Wea ensure your outreach is both seen and felt, paving the way for meaningful relationships and opening doors to accelerated funding opportunities.



Monthly Plan


Contact Up To 500

Investors each Month

Creation of a tailor made database 

Dedicated account manager

LinkedIn profile optimization

Multichannel copywriting

Tech setup

*Cancel anytime

Unlimited Plan

$3 900 one shot 

Contact ALL the investors

Creation of a tailor made database 

Dedicated account manager

LinkedIn profile optimization

Multichannel copywriting

Tech setup

The Benefits of Partnering with us:

Accelerated Funding:

Expedite your fundraising  journey, securing capital faster

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Time Savings

Bypass the research and outreach grind, we've streamlined the process for you

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Network Boost:

Connect and grow relationships with a vast pool of investors, expanding your influence

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Peace of Mind:

Lean into our expertise, allowing you to concentrate on your core business operations

Increased Visibility:

Boost your startup's presence in a competitive investor marketplace

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«Ils sont pro, réactifs, efficaces et plein d'énergie et surtout nous ont permis de décupler nos résultats ! Un vrai plaisir d'être accompagnés par GROW !»

Delphine Riche,

Co-Fondatrice de Continuum+

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«GROW nous a permis de décupler nos résultats commerciaux en seulement quelques semaines grâce à une approche pratique et méthodique. Nous avons pu atteindre rapidement le nombre de nouveaux clients que nous nous étions fixé (+100 clients en Q1)».

Arnaud de Rohden,

CEO de Partoo Food

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«GROW nous a permis d'exploiter un nouveau canal d'acquisition client et de le rendre opérationnel en un temps record !»


Co-Fondateur de Ouihelp

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Prenez RDV

Are you interested?

Book a meeting with us:

  • How do you manage confidentiality?
    We prioritize the confidentiality of our clients. Before beginning any engagement, we sign NDAs ensuring the highest level of confidentiality.
  • What does your price not include?
    Our pricing covers nearly every aspect of the service; however, it does not include the outreach tool, which typically cost about $100 per user. Typically, clients require 2 to 3 senders (usually the co-founders) to conduct and send out the outreach.
  • At what pace would I contact investors?
    On average, a single sender contacts around 400 to 500 investors per month to ensure perfect deliverability and protect your domain name. With the monthly plan you will contact 500 investors per month maximum. With the Unlimited plan you can contact as many investors per month as you want.
  • How do you ensure the quality of investor contacts in your database?
    All investor contacts within our database undergo a thorough vetting process. We regularly update and refine our list, ensuring that you're reaching out to active, relevant, and genuinely interested parties in the startup ecosystem.
  • What success rate can I expect from the outreach?
    While results can vary depending on the nature of your startup and market dynamics, on average, our clients unlock 5 to 15 meetings per week with potential investors. We've honed our approach to maximize your chances of a favorable response.
  • Can I target specific types of investors or industries within the database?
    Absolutely! Our database is segmented by investor type, industry preference, and more. This allows us to tailor outreach campaigns that align with your startup's niche, ensuring you connect with the most suitable investors for your vision and needs.
  • What support do you provide during the outreach process?
    We're with you every step of the way. From crafting bespoke narratives suitable for various platforms to monitoring response rates and adjusting strategies as needed, our team ensures a smooth and effective outreach process. Additionally, we provide regular updates and insights on campaign performance.
  • Do you offer any guarantees?
    While we can't guarantee specific outcomes due to the varying nature of startups and investor interests, we assure the highest quality in our service delivery. Our track record and tailored approach maximize the potential for positive results, and we're committed to ensuring our clients receive the best value and experience.
  • How do I get started with your service?
    Simply click below and an expert will contact you to schedule a presentation of the service and answer any of your questions.
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